Dr. Delores Henderson

2019 keynote speaker

The 2019 event focused on the work that women perform within our communities.

“We are doing a work, but we must be collaborative."

Dr. Delores Henderson is a recently retired school administrator with St Paul Public Schools. She was the longest sitting administrator in the State of Minnesota, 46 years. She worked as a teacher and administrator. Dr. Henderson has been instrumental in developing various programs such as J.J. Hill Gifted, Talented Magnet, Capital Hill Gifted Magnet, and Hazel Park Academy International Baccalaureate.

Dr. Henderson proved dedicated, committed, and passionate in making a difference in the lives of the children, families, and communities. She has served on multiple community boards in a variety of capacities. and other local and national boards. The Links Incorporated and international organization she led for over 5 years. This organization consists of several chapters in over 15 states within the Midwest area. She also has a non-profit organization called D.E.L.O.R.E.S. WORKS.

Dr. Josie Johnson

Challenging Women

At the 10th Annual Celebrating the Sistas awards on March 3, 2018, our keynote address was given by Dr. Josie R. Johnson.

She provided attendees with their marching orders.

As a community, in order to "Save Our Children, especially our black babies, children and our youth who are suffering...tremendously, in all aspects of their lives...",

She strongly suggested that, "WE must stop talking about the disparities that exist in the African American community, and should rather do something about them in order to end the conversation, and change the outcomes for our community."

Dr. Verna Price


Dr. Verna Price delivered a powerful and encouraging message about perseverance during tough times.

Enduring difficulty and striving forward, nevertheless.

It's not just an event it's a movement...







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